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List Of Music Managers Looking For Talent In Nigeria 2024

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Do you want to know the music managers in Nigeria that are looking for artists?

There are many Music Managers in Nigeria, yet many rising artists are having difficulty identifying those who are looking for great musicians in 2024.

Many budding Nigerian singers struggle to find a manager who would boost their music career.

Having a music manager as a rising musician in Nigeria is crucial, as it will assist you in obtaining deals that will boost your career.

Nigeria is the largest country in Africa, thus there are many music fans looking for creative musicians to listen to, and as an artist, you must find a way to reach these potential music lovers.

Music Managers play many functions in an artist’s career; if you’re a talented musician without Music Managers with extensive knowledge in the music industry, it will have an affect on your music career.

Music managers found popular Nigerian musicians such as Wizkid, Olamide, Omah Lay, Rema, Ruger, Ayra Starr, and others.

However, if you can’t wait for these music managers to find you, you can approach them yourself.

There are many managers in Nigeria who specialize in finding talented musicians for record labels. In this article, I will show you the music managers in Nigeria who are looking for talents.

I have compiled a list of music managers in Nigeria who are looking for talented musicians for Nigerian record labels.

There are numerous record labels in Nigeria looking for talented musicians to sign. However, if you want to know them, keep reading this article till the conclusion, where you’ll get the answer.

Below are the list of Music Managers Looking For Talent In Nigeria 2024

Godwin Tom 

Godwin Tom is a well-known Nigerian music manager. He is one of the music agents looking for younger talented artists.

Osagie Osarenkhoe 

Osagie Osarenkhoe is a popular Nigerian music manager. Osagie is well-known for his role in Wizkid’s early career in the music industry.

If you want to sign with a record label in Nigeria, she’s your go-to manager. You may find her on social media by searching for her name (Osagie Osarenkhoe).

Asa Asika

He is a popular music manager in Nigeria. He is known for managing David Adeleke, better known as Davido.

He is one of those to go to if you’re looking to sign into a record label in Nigeria.

Sunday Are 

Sunday Are, is a respected music manager in Nigeria. the is the in currently managing Grammy awards winning artist, Wizkid.

If you’re a talented artist searching for management in Nigeria, Sunday Are should be on your short list. You can contact him through social media.

You can reach out to the likes of Abuci Peter Ugwu, Efe Omorogbe, Ubi Franklin on their social media pages.


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