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How To Be A Professional Basketballer In Nigeria (2023)

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Do you want to become a professional basketballer in Nigeria?

Here is the best guidelines for a successful career in basketball. This article contains;

  • Steps to become a successful basketball Player.
  • The Best skills for a basketballer.
  • The Cost of buying a basketball.

Let’s get started.

1. Understand The Game’s Rules And Regulations:

Learn to know the rules and regulations of the game by knowing what is expected and avoided as well as getting to understand how to bounce the ball effectively.

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2. Learn From Mistakes:

Don’t be scare of making a mistakes when getting started. Learn to overcome mistakes by practicing regularly.

3. Train With A Team: 

Find a team or group of basketball players to play with, in other to perfect your skills in the game.

4. Learn And Master Your Position:

This can be achieve by learning through joining basketball academy together with online tutorial in YouTube videos. Try as well to know the best position you are good in a court through testing all the positions when starting as a beginner.

5. Reach-out To NNBF:

Nigerian Basketball Federation (NNBF) is a recognised sport bodies in basketball game which you have to be up to date with their latest news on basketball game. So, as to be alert once there’s a recruitment for  talented players.

Top 5 Skills For A Basketball Player.

  1. Dribbling.
  2. Passing.
  3. Shooting.
  4. Rebounding.
  5. Defense.

Frequently Asked Questions On Basketball Sport

How Much Is Basketball In Nigeria?

The basketball is of different types and theirs prices vary. The range cost is from ₦8,000 to ₦16,000.

How To Join NBA?

To join NBA, you must be 19 years of age (+) and Also be able to showcase your talent by playing at all tournaments (both National and International) in other to expose your talent to the sport scouts.

What Do NBA Looks On A Player?

They focus on the skills posses by the basketballer which are the  shooting,Rebouncing, physical ability and the act of handling a ball on the court.

What’s Next?

It is up to you on kick-starting your career in basketball has I have shared the best guidelines to you.

What is your plan, are you going to start right away?

If No, what is delaying you?

Looking forward to hearing from you in the comments section.


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