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UNILAG’s Grading System for Postgraduate Studies (2024)

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UNILAG’s Grading System for Postgraduate Studies (2024)

Enrolling in a postgraduate program at the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG) opens doors to academic excellence and career advancement.

But before embarking on this  path, understanding the university’s grading system is important for planning your academic progress effectively.

This blog post serves as your roadmap, for understanding UNILAG’s postgraduate grading system in 2024.

Understanding UNILAG’s Postgraduate Grading System:

  • Grading Scale: UNILAG employs a letter grading system with corresponding grade points:

    • A = 70-100% (5 grade points)
    • B = 60-69% (4 grade points)
    • C = 50-59% (3 grade points)
    • F = Below 50% (0 grade points)
  • Coursework and Examinations: Grades are typically determined by a combination of coursework assessments (assignments, quizzes, presentations) and examinations (mid-term and final exams). The weightage given to each component may vary depending on the program and course.

  • Minimum Pass Mark: A minimum grade of C (50%) is required to pass a course. Failure to achieve this mark will result in the course being retaken.

  • Grade Point Average (GPA): Your overall academic performance is reflected in your GPA, calculated by dividing the total quality points earned by the total credit units attempted. Quality points are calculated by multiplying the grade point for each course by its corresponding credit unit.

Additional Considerations:

  • Course-Specific Grading Variations: Some programs or courses may have different grading systems or requirements. Always refer to your program handbook or consult your course instructor for specific details.

  • Retaking Courses: If you fail a course, you can retake it to improve your grade. The higher grade will be considered for GPA calculation.

  • Probation and Discontinuation: If your GPA falls below a certain threshold (usually 3.00), you may be placed on academic probation. Failure to improve your GPA during the probation period could lead to program discontinuation.


What is a good GPA in a UNILAG postgraduate program?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. A “good” GPA can vary depending on your program, field of study, and career aspirations. Generally, a GPA of 4.00 is considered excellent, while a GPA of 3.50 or higher is considered good. However, program-specific expectations and scholarship requirements might necessitate aiming for an even higher GPA.

How can I calculate my UNILAG postgraduate GPA?

Gather your course information, including grades and credit units for all completed courses. Multiply each grade point by its corresponding credit unit to get quality points. Add up the quality points for all your courses and divide by the total credit units attempted. This will give you your GPA.

What happens if I fail a course?

Failing a course doesn’t necessarily mean program termination. You can retake the course to improve your grade. Consult your academic advisor or program coordinator for specific

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