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List Of Universities In Nigeria That Accepts HND for PGD

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Universities In Nigeria That Accepts HND for PGD 2024

For Higher National Diploma (HND) graduates in Nigeria, advancing their academic qualifications through postgraduate studies can be a strategic career move.

Postgraduate Diplomas (PGDs) offer focused, specialized programs that enhance skills and knowledge within a specific field, potentially leading to improved job prospects and career advancement.

This article provides a comprehensive guide to Nigerian universities that accept HND qualifications for admission into PGD programs. It aims to empower HND graduates with readily available information to make informed decisions regarding their postgraduate pathway.

University Admissions in Nigeria: HND and PGDs

Admission policies for PGD programs in Nigerian universities vary depending on the institution and the specific program chosen.

While some universities require a Bachelor’s degree as the minimum entry qualification, others explicitly welcome HND graduates with strong academic records.

The acceptance of HND qualifications for PGDs often hinges on two key factors:

  • Academic Performance:

    Universities typically set minimum grade requirements for HND holders, often demanding Upper Credit or Lower Credit passes depending on the program.

  • Program Relevance:

    HND graduates are most likely to gain admission into PGD programs related to their area of specialization in the undergraduate studies.

Universities Accepting HNDs for PGDs:

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of notable Nigerian universities that accept HND qualifications for admission into PGD programs:

  • University of Lagos (UNILAG): Offers PGDs in diverse fields like Management, Economics, and Engineering,accepting HND graduates with good grades.

  • Ahmadu Bello University (ABU): Provides PGDs in various areas, including Public Administration, Education,and Information Technology, welcoming HND graduates with relevant qualifications.

  • University of Ibadan (UI): Features PGDs in Science, Humanities, and Social Sciences, with some programs open to HND graduates meeting specific requirements.

  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN): Has PGD programs in Business Administration, Education, and Law,accessible to HND graduates with Upper Credit passes.

  • National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN): Offers PGDs in a wide range of disciplines through flexible distance learning, accepting HND graduates with Lower Credit passes in relevant fields.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do all universities in Nigeria accept HNDs for PGDs?

  • No, not all universities in Nigeria accept HNDs for PGDs. It’s crucial to check the specific admission requirements of each university and program you’re interested in.


What minimum grade is required for HND graduates to apply for PGDs?

  • Minimum grade requirements vary depending on the university and program. Upper Credit and Lower Credit passes are frequently requested, but specific details should be sought from the individual institutions.

Can HND graduates apply for any PGD program?

  • While program options may differ, HND graduates are most likely to find success in PGDs related to their area of specialization in their undergraduate studies.

Are there scholarships available for HND graduates pursuing PGDs?

  • Yes, various scholarship opportunities are available for students pursuing postgraduate studies, including HND graduates. Researching scholarship options through universities, government agencies, and private organizations is recommended.
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