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Bingham University Courses And School Fees

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Are you looking for the list of courses and the amount paid as school fees in Bingham University?

Do you want to know the fees in Bingham University? In this article, I will tell you the amount that is paid as school fees in the University.

Many have been searching for the list of courses offered at Bingham University, but unable to find the exact answer they’re looking for.

If you are one of those candidates who have plans to attend Bingham University, but unsure of the list of courses offered in the university, you shouldn’t worry, as i will list all the courses offered in Bingham University.

Bingham University is one of the leading private universities in Nigeria, this university is known for having one of the best facilities for learning, and eye-catching buildings, and comfortable environment for learning.

If you intend to attend Bingham University, but unable to locate the list of courses to study in the university, as well as the amount to be paid as school fees, then you should worry no more, just relax, and sip your drink, as i will compile the list of courses in Bingham University, and school fees.

You should keep in mind that attending private universities in Nigeria, will cost you a lot money, and it will also offer you some advantages which is unavailable in public universities.

Some of the advantages you will enjoy in Bingham University is that there’s nothing like ASUU stirke that will stop you from attending classes, and you will not spend more than the required years in the university before you graduate since there’s no strike.

Meanwhile, I have complied the list of courses in Bingham University and Fees that you’ll pay after getting admitted into the school.

Bingham University Courses And School Fees

  • Radiography & Radiological Science – N1,045,000
  • Medicine and surgery – N2,800,000 – N1,000,000 Above
  • Physiology – N1,000,000 Above
  • Public Health – N935,000
  • Anatomy – N1,000,000 Above
  • Medical Laboratory Science – N1,000,000 Above
  • Nursing – N1,000,000 Above
  • Optometry – N1,800,000
  • Pharmacy – N1,000,000 Above
  • Law – N2,000,000
  • Biochemistry – N690,000 Above
  • Industrial Chemistry – N690,000 Above
  • Microbiology – N690,000 Above
  • Computer Science – N863,933
  • Mathematics – N440,000
  • Physics – N460,000
  • Industrial Mathematics – N460,000
  • Cyber Security – N920,000
  • Information Technology – N920,000
  • Architecture – N977,500
  • English – N460,000
  • Philosophy – N402,500
  • Religious Studies – N402,500
  • Guidance and Counseling – N402,500
  • Psychology – N402,500
  • Business Administration – N725,075
  • Entrepreneurship – N725,075
  • B.Sc. Accounting – N725,075
  • Quantity Survey – N977,500
  • Landscape Architecture -N747,500
  • Estate Management – N747,500
  • Environmental Management – N747,500
  • Mass Communication – N757,275
  • B.Sc. Sociology – N725,075
  • Political Science – N725,075
  • Economics – N725,075
  • Library and Information Science – N725,075


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