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What Qualifications Do I Need To Be A Football Coach? ( The Ultimate Guide)

Pursuing a career in football as a Coach is very profitable and enjoyable for those individuals that have passion in sports and coaching. Its require education and experience person in this career field. In other to be a well known coach; you have to be a good specialist that know the in and out of sports as well as knowing the fundamentals tactics.
This article will guide you with four (4) qualify steps you have to pass through in other to become a successful football coach that is highly demanded. What are the qualifications to become a football coach?

To be qualify as a professional Football Coach, you have to pass through learning the fundamentals, gaining experienced through working with local team, meeting sports officials while submitting a resume for screening or Interview.
Below will explain in details on the procedures needed to pursue a career as a professional Football Coach.

Who Is A Football Coach?

A football coach is a professional sport instructor who give support and guidelines to the players. He/she is the team leader who share rules and regulations on Sport, keep team record, scheduling training hours and giving strategies for the success of the players and the team as a whole.

As a football coach, you must be a good communicator , make decisions, organizable, posses a good leadership skills and also be able to solve problem at anytime.

4 Steps To Become A Qualify Football Coach

  • Be Educated :
    Passing through education is a great achievement because in sport, you get to meet difference people of difference background and languages in which the general language use often is English, but it isn’t compulsory for a sport coach to pass through school or earn a degree.
    As a football coach, you have to earn a certificate in First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) through undergoing a training in the program and you must be above age of 18 years old.
  • Experienced:
    For fast approval, I recommend that you have some experienced as a former footballer and also working with some teams. It maybe local team, or school team. Getting an experience will open ways to more opportunities while learning strategies on organizing a great and unbeatable team. Experienced is what the hiring manager will ask in your first approach in the interview.
  • Reach out :
    Meet with sport coaches within or outside your city to build a strong friendship. Attend sport conferences and also register with football Association in your state or country. Meeting Professional or sport officials (like athletic administrators) is also a nice step as they are strongly related with the hiring team.
  • Sent out your Resume :
    When presenting a resume, include your passion for football as your objective and the skills you posses in building a team.

Salary Of A Football Coach

The money makes by a Coach as salary depends on the club and the coaching level. According to National Careers Service, a football coach earn £18,000 at a start to £28,000 as he or she go further in the field (Note, at the time of publishing this article… )

How To Become A Football Coach In Europe

The procedures is to go through the preparatory courses by UEFA A and their license coaching program. The reasons why you should undergo this courses from the Union Of European Football Association (UEFA) is due to the fact that they are the government in soccer game in Europe.

The program level are divided in 3 section; the first level give the basic soccer technique in coaching, the second level treats on team formation while the third, deals on the functional coaching practices program which is known as UEFA B. Also complete the UEFA A to learn the theory development in soccer and their strategies.
As a coach in Europe’s Elite Division, you must attend UEFA pro license program to learn more on coaching, which once graduate or qualify, you will have full access to work on any famous football club.

To apply for the courses, kindly visit the Football Association (FA)’s official website for update and don’t delay in booking for the program in other not to miss the registration process. As the program is host in the United Kingdom.

Final Thoughts

Coaching with the local team is very important as you will learn a lot on football managing and team leadership. The luckiest gain about working with a local players is that you gain experienced which you will be including in your CV (Resume) when applying for a coaching role in a famous clubs.
I hope this article, have given you the right guide to start a successful coaching career!

NOTE: camp NG is not affiliated to UEFA, Football Association or any soccer Programs. This article is for information and educational purposes. Kindly Read Our Terms And Condition for more information.

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