what Is Techniques In Football

What Is Technique In Football? (Full Guide)

Good Techniques has been develop for difference type of sport with different skills. The skills have been refined to make it easier for a player to perform perfectly with least injury. That’s why a professional coaches is needed to coach the players in other to enlighten them on the basic techniques. So, what is the meaning of Techniques in football?

Technique in football means the act or skills in which a player handle, pass, defend and shoot a ball. A player is expected to mastered the skills needed to perform the handling of ball accurately in the football pitch.

Importance Of Technique In Football

A technique in football helps by making a footballer stand-out as a professional while making him or her an injury free player. 

A good techniques in sport will give a nice accuracy to a player which make him a professional.

If a footballer posses a wrong techniques, they may end up with  chronic injury that will stop them from participating in sport for the whole matches. That’s why a coach is needed in other to train and guide them on how to play football perfectly by practicing the basic techniques  which I will be explaining below.

The 9 Main Techniques In Football

Here are the basic skills which is a must to be mastered as a player or footballer;

  1. Passing Skills:  This is the act of passing a ball to the partner or teammates.  This is done with a bounce of ball gently to the partner.
  2. Heading Skills: This is the bouncing of ball on the head either to a partner, to the opponent’s goal post or to defend a ball.
  3. Knowing The Tactics: The Tactics is what you pay attention mostly on,by learning the attacking tactics, defending tactics and other form of tactics.
  4. Tackling Skills: This is also an essential Skills required mostly for a defender which makes him or her very defensive.
  5. Rules Observing Skills:  Getting to know the rules & regulations and play with the rules in mind to avoid ban or a warning card like the red and yellow card. When you understand the rules, it makes football a friendly games to play with.
  6. Shooting Skills: This is what makes a player a good goal scorer in a football game. When you know how to shoot a ball to a target position in your opponent’s goal post, there’s a high chance of scoring a goal. Passing a ball is different from shooting it because passing is done in a smooth way while shooting is done in high velocity base on where the player is targeting, like a goalkeeper who shoot a ball out to his team mates and also in the case of a player who shoot a ball in a penalty box in a one-and-one with the opponent’s goalkeeper. what is expected from the player kicking a panalty is a shoot and scoring of a goal. 
  7. Dribbling Skills: Another great techniques in football game is the dribbling. It is the act of controlling a ball to bypass your opponents in other to pass to your team mates or score a goals.
  8. Communication Pattern: Getting to know the languages used by your team mates in the pitch. Some use sign while some have their own ways of communicating to their team mates in other not to get into the understanding of the opponent.
  9. Receiving Techniques: Getting to know how to receive a ball by being able to control the ball while sending it to your team mates or kick it out in Target position once you received it.

Difference between techniques and skills in football.

Technique is the act of performing a physical tasks with a method, while Skills is the act of performing a tasks base on the game pattern. In addition, a techniques is the skills  that is develop by training and practicing often for perfection. Also, a skill is the player’s ability to choose and performing the right techniques perfectly with less efforts while Techniques is the bed-rock of skills, it is what a player has been taught or knew about football game before it implement it in a football pitch as a skill.

Skills is the graduate movement with a purpose of dribbling, catching or passing while Techniques is a pattern of performing a skills like shooting skills, where you get to perform the Lay-up, jump shot or set shot.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What should I do if I don’t have a technique or skills?

As I beginners with no skills in football, you are to undergo internship in any football academy of your choice to be able to learn the fundamentals skills and tactics needed in a player.

Is it hard to learn the technique in sport?

Sport techniques is not hard to learn. You only need to follow the procedures given to you by your coach or advisor in other to mastered the skills perfectly.

Is techniques one of the main things that’s needed in a footballer?

Good Techniques is what is expected from a player in other to be able to handle the ball greatly both in shooting, passing and heading.

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