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4 Reasons Why Your Songs Haven’t Gone Viral And How To Solve Them.

Have you tried all means to get your songs stream and get viral either online or offline, but all the steps you followed haven’t worked out?

The reason why you get to read this article is to gain the solution of making your songs (Music) trends in which I have done research to give you the four (4) reasons together with a solution to get your songs known in just a few steps. So, what are the reasons why your songs haven’t gone viral?

The reasons why your songs (music) hasn’t gone viral are due to one of these facts; you make use of the wrong musical beat on the genre, the lyrics weren’t positioned well, targeting the wrong audience and also skipping promotion.

Here’s the full details;

1. Using The Wrong Musical Beats

Majority of Music lovers pay attention to the instrumental beat which is their first impression on the music they love. In this case, when choosing the best beat make sure it mixes greatly with the genre in music, you are into. Don’t ever flirt from one genre to the other because of the cool beats presented to you by a producer. Focus on your Genre, making sure you mastered the vocal tune in which the song’s vibe is able to fix it perfectly with a beat. Usually, a professional music producer will guide you through the process,but this is a must to master if you want your songs to go viral.

Also, you have to be careful when recording your songs by working with a professional Music producer who knows what he or she is doing and also avoid free Production services because, some of the producers who offer free Production use it to learn and perfect their skills which may end up in a bad Production.

2. How The Lyrics Are Positioned.

Minority of music lovers pay attention to the lyrics to learn more about what the song is all about, who the song portrays and also the aims of listening to the song. 

When writing-down a song, you have to be careful of the words and phrases used in expressing your feeling or sending-out a message to the listeners. A nice song lyric is arranged in segments from the intro to the outro. If you are not skillful in structuring song lyrics, I recommend you hire the services of a song writer or undergo mentorship from a professional songwriter either offline or online.

“When writing a song lyrics, make sure it either educate, motivate or inspire the listener”

3. Targeting The Wrong Audience.

This is one of the most common mistakes I found in up-and-coming Music Artists (some of them), bringing the genre of music to the wrong people. Music lovers don’t know what they need until it is presented to them. But, that does not mean bringing the wrong genre to them will make them love it.. They will not!

To illustrate, taking an Afrobeat genre by Wizkid or any famous Musician to a Christian who mostly prefers the Gospel genre. What do you think will happen? 

When targeting an audience be sure that the majority of them likes the genre of music you are going to present to them. You may have asked,” If I run an Ads, how will I know the right audience?” To know the right audience to present your songs (Music) to, you have to do a case study of the target country, state or platforms that you are targeting. I will enlighten you more on the next points.

4. Lack Of Promotion.

Some Music Artists ( mostly the up-and-coming ) believe that once they release a Song and share it with their relatives. Then the songs will get distributed to others. I don’t doubt, but this can’t only be achieved if your music is used in trending videos which later trend on any of the social media platforms. 

Just like starting up a new business, so is applicable on releasing a new song or album which you need to showcase it to the right audience through free and paid Ads as to spread it to the listeners.

In addition, promoting a song is like distributing it to the target listener and presenting the visual to them to check on how it looks and sounds. Then the listeners go more deeper to know the person beside it which later checks some of the music by the Musician. It also brings more recognition, social media following and a strong fan base.

What Next?

There’s a lot of reasons why your songs are not going viral. This article has pointed out the main reasons with solutions on getting your Music trend both online and offline.

Are you going to fix those issues or that afresh?

Let me know from the comments section.

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