How To Become A Football Agent In 4 Steps

How To Become A Football Agent In 4 Steps

How to become a Football agent is what this article will be revealing about. Before we dive towards knowing the steps to become a professional football Agent, let’s get to know who it is and what they do in the football industry.

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Who Is A Football Agent?

A Football Agent is a supporter of a player who work behind the back of the player in other to secure a good contract for their clients that is favourable.
A football Agent is an individual who work in the interest of a player ( or Young Rising Footballer) and Manager in other to connect them to a vacant in a club.
In a Layman understanding, A football Agent is like a middle-man between a Player, manager and a club, because he / she get to look out for a fast rising or talented Footballer as well as linking up with a football manager to connect with a club’s contract or deal in which he/she earn commission from them.

In Addition, A Football Agent is like a Talent Manager who source an excellent Footballer and linkup with a club for signing deal. Being a recognise football Agent is not as easy as you think because you need to be skillful while working with a Rising Star. But, not withstand that the career is very lucrative.
As an agent, you are entitled to work till dead, but if you want to be a successful football Agent, you have to know how to negotiate a deal. What are the recommendation to become a professional football agent?

4 Steps To Kick-Start As A Professional Football Agent

  1. Management Skill: You have to understand the fundamental tactics in football, knowing how to manage a team through getting note of the best part / time fit for a Footballer base on his or her performance in the pitch. As an agent, you have to be careful by understanding how a football business is process as well as knowing how deals are makes by bringing in legal bodies (like Barrister) for witness on signing a deal with a client.
  2. Internship: It’s a must to undergo internship in a football Academy for perfection in terms, skills and also the fundamental tactics use in the football industry. Through internship, you get to know what is mostly needed in a Footballer so as to guide you in picking a football player that will Excel and demanded. I Recap, gain a recognize certificate from a registered Football Academy which prove as an evidence that you undergo training in sports and graduated as a sport agent. Getting a recognize certificate(s) will make it easier to join the Football Association (FA) in your State/Country.
  3. Registration Process: In this step, you get to meet the legal bodies with your credentials in other to be screen to join the Football Association (FA) in your City. Doing this will give you an authority to form a team of players and also gain access to connect with famous club both national and international.
  4. Get Connected: Your steps for a successful Agent career in the Sport Sector can’t never move positively without reaching out to clubs, connecting with players and follow Agents. To connect with a talented Footballer, you have to attend sport events as well as watching local and international football events to pick the one that posses the best talents. Don’t forget to attend Football Conferences to get recognition.

How Football Agent Makes Money

The amount of money make by a football Agent depends on the club signing the contract, How Good is the player and how much they (Club) pay for the deal. The reasons why the money makes by an Agent is not fix is because they earn in commission of 1 to 10% of the amount pay for a deal / contract.

Take note, that a famous club pay higher while a good player attract high rates of payment in signing a contract deal.

How To Get A License As A Professional Sport Agent.

Below are the criteria to gain fast approve license;

  • You must be above the age of 18 years.
  • You are to registered with Football Association (FA).
  • You must undergo screening by the Football Association (FA).


You can start by working in an agency or personally as an agent. Bear it in might that as a Sport agent, you must build a team who assist you in social media marketing and legal matters.
I believe this article have given you the guidelines on how to become a professional Agent in the sport industry.

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